Sunday, April 19, 2009

Friday's presentations

Allthe presentations were good - a couple in particular made me really think. Brian talked about Pinocchio - the stage of growing - acquiring ass's ears - everyone going through that stage, and literature moving in a circle. I appreciated Dr. Sexson's comment during Wednesday's class - that we started with Demeter in the Homeric Hymns and will end the course coming full circle. I think that is what I have enjoyed the most about my education - when very different classes talk about the same thing - like learning about Pythagoras in a philosophy, communication, literature, and math class, maybe all in a little different way, but still connecting the knowledge gained in each course.

Zack's presentation reasonated the most with how I learn - he spoke of connecting the past to the present through emotions at a deeper level. That might be why we learn certain things the way we do - that it strikes a deeper chord than just "hearing" something - that feeling it, or being inspired by it causes us to retain a stronger memory of something we have learned. Maybe that explains the feeling of deja vu or that we have been here before.

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