Monday, April 6, 2009

The Golden Ass

I found a couple of good websites tonight for The Golden Ass; I haven't started reading the book yet, just finished the introduction. The best website has many links to art as well as modern works inspired by or relating to The Golden Ass. It also has links to selected passages from different translations alongside the Latin original.
There are some great paintings on the site too. One bit of information was "the key to understanding the Golden Ass is to look at it as man's effort to find a true interpretation of his experience - the universal human struggle to discover a meaning behind...blind fortune's irrational, indiscriminate cruelty..." The translator of our Golden Ass, Robert Graves, tells us of the main religious principles that Apuleius was concerned with in his writing, and to remember above all, it is a religious novel. Another website has links to other Metamorphoses and analyzes each chapter of The Golden Ass:

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